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Smart Folding Menu Trees and Opera 6

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  • Smart Folding Menu Trees and Opera 6

    The Smart Folding Menu Tree demo script on the Dynamicdrive.com page fails when you view it with Opera 6x. You get the following javascript error:

    name: TypeError
    message: Value on left hand side of '.' is not convertible to Object: cur.nextSibling

    (I haven't tried it with previous versions of Opera.)

    The worst part is that when Opera fails all headings are locked closed, permanently hiding the subheadings!

    Note #1: While I'm a competent Perl programmer I know next to nothing about javascript. Scraping through the script source it looks like there's a browser test section that includes a negative check for Opera: var ie4=document.all&&navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Opera")==-1,
    which I'm guessing means if the return string isn't "Opera" the browser is compatible with IE4.

    If nothing else would it be possible to modify this test so that when Opera is detected the script can be left to fail open?

    Note #2: With Opera 6x the similar Contractible Headers script fails the same way.


    David Innes