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  • graphics in slide in menu

    hi. i'm currently using a slide in menu script from dynamic drive and it's been working well for the last several months. but now, the images aren't working right.

    i just updated the site and when i viewed the page, 6 out of 8 images were no longer showing. i checked my links and they're all working, so i don't know what's wrong. here's the link to the page: http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Shrin...testdrive.html i would really appreciate your help. i'm also unsure whether it's just a glitch in my browser, or if the images aren't really showing. what could be the problem?

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    It worked for me WIN98SE IE6


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      home PG......................IE 60.2, NN 6.2.2, Opera 6.03
      Nav bar (left).................Yes Yes Yes
      nav Links work................Yes No Yes
      Geo pop (Right)...........Yes No No
      Other than the nav bar the BG is empty and black

      New window..............Yes No Yes
      Slider (center)...........Yes N/a Yes
      BG...........................Yes N/a Yes
      News popup...............Yes N/a Yes
      Thats all for page1 and second generation page from links
      OS=Win XP Pro
      Be back later, Time for me to take me out to breakfast for Dads day.
      Editor; FrontPage 2002 (included in Office XP). Personal Operating System; Windows XP and ME. Browsers; Latest versions, NN, IE and Opera. Server running; RedHat Linux 7.2


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        thank you so much for taking the time to help me with my problem. anyways, the slide in menu images still aren't fully working in my browser (IE5) but i'm happy to know that it's working just fine with other IEs.

        thanks again for helping me!


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          Originally posted by sushi
          the slide in menu images still aren't fully working in my browser (IE5) but i'm happy to know that it's working just fine with other IEs.
          G'day Sushi...

          I had trouble seeing them all load auto with my IE5 too, but right mouse 'show picture' seemed to bring them up ok. I have similar problems on various sites too. I re-upload the images or rename them and re-upload and it seems to get them to load properly then. Perhaps it is the browser model too. I realise that isnt a REAL techi response but I'm sure someone can help you.

          Again, with no experience behind me in suggesting this, but would it make any difference if you placed a / before the 'banner' sub directory, I wonder.

          EG: <img border="0" src="/banners/rkfantasy2.jpg" height="31" width="88">

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            hey, i found out why i have this problem! i was right in suspecting that it was the fault of the ad blocker in naviscope. i disabled it and now my page can be viewed with all images intact. hehe. thanks for all your help and suggestions to help me with my problem.