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WELL, thats 3 emails to DD AND MY POST UNANSWERED NOW !!!!

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  • WELL, thats 3 emails to DD AND MY POST UNANSWERED NOW !!!!

    I guess these forums are a good idea if one asks a 'challenging' enough question... but unfortunately, one has to walk before one can run...

    How do we ever stand on 2 feet to walk unless someone helps us???

    THANKS FOR YOUR RESPONSES... AND TO YOU TOO DYNAMIC DRIVE... would have expected you to at least acknowledge my emails...

    Guess I'll just have to keep on experimenting...

    Ps.. Good job my husband's father didn't keep the invention of penicillian to himself !!!! (Think about it - no antibiotics !!!!)
    God bless...

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    if you read the notices here, you would see that no one here gets paid for this, that they are only doing it to be helpful, so yelling that you aren't getting free help fast enough isn't very rational.


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      what's the problem and what's the question? If I can help you I will.
      Therapy is expensive, popping bubble wrap is cheap, you choose.


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        Original post

        with a reply from gtc

        obviously not good enough or fast enough!!
        An answer needs a question just as much as a question needs an answer. Deep eh!


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          IMHO, this thread needs to be closed. Please refrain from further negative posts until a moderator for this forum arrives and decides what to do .
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            Hi buddies:
            This forum is not the "official" forum for Dynamic Drive by any means. It's simply provided to allow for an outlet for DD related questions. Due to this support here is purely from the outside community, not the webmaster of DD himself.

            Regarding sending emails and not getting a response, John (the webmaster of DD) has been extremely busy these few weeks. I wouldn't take it personally.
            - George
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              Buddies here...
              Thanks to you all for responding...

              I appreciate that this is a 'free' site and NOBODY gets paid for their time and effort, I suppose that I took out my frustration in my post - here's why...

              Having been duped FOUR times into loosing deposits from would-be 'so-called' webdesigners promising that they could make our websites has left me with no option but to TRY to make some myself... Have been paying for domains for 2 years with nothing happening yet!!! Secondly, was also 'misled' by one of the above into buying hosting (to set up the emails IN READINESS for the websites - (that have not and will not appear) that was 60% higher in price than the cost I could have bought it direct - but not knowing what I needed - ie FP exts, Bandwidth etc .. decided to leave it to an "EXPERT" !!!
              Thirdly, installed MS FP - no tutorial available..had to download one then stumble thru the dark with it... all in all - simply exasperated and disillusioned about the whole mess!

              SORRY GUYS.... Didn't mean to get personal - Yes, I've seen the reply from Gary - have posted and asked him for further directions on where to insert the edit..!! So once again, S-O-R-R-Y !
              Apology accepted ??
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