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Using Javascript to Disable the remember username and password window

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  • Using Javascript to Disable the remember username and password window

    Most of the browsers has a feature that prompts the user to save the username or password when filling a form.

    I just want to disable this feature.
    Can i disable this feature using Javascript?

    Because there are some users that will not read on the message or information on the pop window that prompts them to save the username and password.
    I know it can be disabled manually through the browser's preferences.

    Is it possible to disable it using javascript?

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    Why would you want to do this? Just think about it. Its not very nice to do something like this. Besides I'm pretty sure this isn't possible as you have no control on browser behavior which is where this save password thing is at. Just move on with your project and forget about this feature.
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      You can only use Javascript to disable that functionality if it is embedded into the web page (eg. if you have a checkbox in your form that copies the entered info to a cookie then you can use Javascript to disable the checkbox). You can't use Javascript to disable the version offered by the browser itself as Javascript has almost no access to the browser itself and any update access that browsers do allow also have a configuration option that allows it to be disabled. If a browser did allow you to disable saving form field values (and I don't know of any that do) then that browser would also have a configuration option that would allow the browser owner to disable your javascript's ability to disable their browser functionality.

      Your visitors have the final say on everything except the content of your site. They can configure their browser to work the way they want and set up their own stylesheets and Javascripts to override yours so that your page looks and functions the way they want it to.
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