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    At first, I couldn't find a place to post this question, but i'm sure someone *cough* "jkd" *cough* - is bound to know off the top of his head.

    Just exactly how many characters can be pulled from a textarea by using subString(pointA, pointB); ? And is there a more compatible way of doing this (just for IE).

    These questions concern breaking the content of a textarea into two parts, the first being only 253 characters long, and the second being whatever is leftover out of the original content.

    thanks much!

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    Umm, huh?

    refToTextArea.value.substring(start, offset)

    works in any browser... unless I misread?


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      ok.. I see where you got that, I forgot to mention my little problem. For some reason, it will not allow using that method (im pretty sure its the only one), on larger amounts of data.

      I'm working with really larger documents of characters, all I want to do is split it up into two different strings.
      But for some reason, It wont allow it. (mabey its my code)?

      What i was asking is if you knew the limit. (if any) of characters you can define as a "String". from the subString method.