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How to Play song online?

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  • How to Play song online?

    I have been looking for the answer for a long time, but could not reach to any answer. I am a novice web designer, have very little knowledge on web programming. I hope someone here could help me with the following.

    The problem scenario is this:

    I have a webpage where I have listed some classical songs so that page visitors can listen to song online. All files are in Real Audio format either with .rm or .ra extension. These individual audio files are linked with .ram files so that when visitor’s clicks on the song title, this .ram file launches RealPlayer and the clicked song starts playing. Once a song is played it stops. If user wants to hear another song, user needs to click on another song title to play that song. This is annoying for users.

    However, I have seen on some websites where user can select the songs by clicking on the “Check Boxes” next to each song titles and play by clicking on the “Play” button. Therefore, user can select lists of their favourite songs by clicking on check box and play these together one after another. There are two other buttons also available for users: “Select All” songs and “Reset”.

    It would be great if any web programmer could help me out. Looking forward to hear from you.

    Thank you

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    I'm sure that's covered in here somewhere.

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