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  • Sending Click Event Help

    Hello all,

    I have a flash object which requires that it be clicked on before the user can do anything with it. This is an Internet Explorer thing. I was hoping to do something with JS where i could make an onLoad function that would send a click event to the flash object, but I do not know if this is possible, or how to do it. Is it possible to send an event, and in basicly fake a user action with JS?

    If so, please let me know. Thank you.
    If I'm postin here, I NEED YOUR HELP!!

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    That depends. If the flash is just a .swf file, and the swf itself needs to be clicked on, then I do not know how, if it is possible. If it is activated with javascript, and you know what the function is for the flash, then all you have to do is:
    <body onload="function()">

    However, I'm assuming that the click is required within the swf. Although I have no idea if this can be done with javascript, or any other type of coding, it may be possible to make the mouse click on a certain part of the page. I know this can be done, because that is a hacking method for computer games (I don't hack; I just know about it). So, therefore, It may only be possible with very complicated coding, or simple, but it's probably something nobody on this forum knows off-hand.

    I hope that helps. =)
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      I'm not talking about clicking any certain part of the object. It just needs to be clicked. in Internet Explorer, it will tell you "Click to activate and use this control," I just need to get past that. Code to send a click event to AnY type of object on the page should do it. So if you have code that will send a click event to a button, or a div, or a link, then that will work.

      If I'm postin here, I NEED YOUR HELP!!