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Firefox problem - JavaScript Price Calculator

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  • Firefox problem - JavaScript Price Calculator

    Gidday Gang,

    I'm currently trying to make a simple price calculator for a web page. It works like this:

    - A visitor enters a quantity of each product they desire in a text input box

    - A read-only input box then displays the subtotal for that item(trigged by ONCHANGE of the quantity text box)

    - A read-only input box displays the total for all items (triggered by the ONCHANGE of the quantity text box)

    The calculator works fine in Internet Explorer, but the subtotal/total boxes don't display anything at all in Firefox. Page can be seen at http://www.johnbayne.com/hc15/orderformbeta3.html

    If anyone has any suggestions at all for this problem, I'd be most appreciative.

    Cheers gang,
    - JB

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    Tools->Javascript Console
    will give you detailed information about the problem.
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      it works ok for me (FF 2000
      In fact there is no reason for the code should not work. It looks correct to me. Have you checked whether your FF has javascript disabled?
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