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  • Some seriously HOT CODE!!!

    I need some serious hot code...

    Here is my delima,
    (first off--- ASP & PHP are out because of my host, Godaddy's unchangable settings)

    OK now, I use a third party form to email processer to process my forms, Bravenet. Come to find out, I can only attach ONE (1) file per form... (number of forms unlimited though)

    The problem is that I need a few files, per form!

    I have attached my code below that I am working with right now.

    What I need is a script that will either:
    1. Submit all three differn't forms together with one submit button, or...
    2. By pressing the submit button it also presses two other hidden submit buttons for the other forms...

    I know there has got to be a way of doing this... I just need someone smarter than me to help me figure it out. THANKS ALOT FOR READING, hope you can help!!!

    P.S. The "form action" really goes to my real email, so if you want to try it, I will be checking it to see if it works while I answer others questions...
    Thanks, GOOD LUCK
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    although i'm not the one who can truly help you, submitting all three scripts with one click shouldn't be hard using the onclick="submit form 1; submit form 2; etc" function.

    unless i'm wrong
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      You can't submit 3 forms on the same page using javascript, because a form submit fires off a request, which the server responds to. Once the server responds, the browser trashes its current state and processes the response.

      The best thing to do is to collect all the data from the form elements and put them in one form, OR do something asynchronous with either frames or "AJAX". That will allow you to submit all three forms without breaking any of them.