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Hide header and footer when printing

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  • Hide header and footer when printing

    Is it possibe in java script to hide the header and footer of certain page when printing.

    I know how to change the setting in IE, but I only want the header and footer information hidden on particular pages when printed, not on all of the pages.

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    /me just a seems® to think thooose properties just a belong® with the printer ifin' were talking bout the same header/footer...n'ummm dont think youuu can just a lter® my settings???
    'cept you could just a offer® the viewer <a href="printablepage.html">print here</a> n' have the 'print' function point to thattt page for printing that doesnt have the 'header/footer' on it??? 'cept youd still get the printers header/footer...

    just a ps® n' siggghs...
    cross posted here tooo...

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    ...just a special® thanx kinda hugs to jkd n' nex ...:O)))

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      This tutorial, which discusses the onbeforeprint and onafterprint events in JavaScript, should help you: http://www.javascriptkit.com/javatutors/ie5print.shtml

      BTW, as mentioned, please do not cross post. Your duplicate post in the JS request/post forum has been deleted.
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