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IE 6.0 Focus Problem

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  • IE 6.0 Focus Problem

    We are using frames if user moves from right frame to left frame user is not loosing focus in IE5.0. But if we use IE 6.0 user is loosing focus. Is there any solution for this

    Presently we are using IE 5.0. Win-98. We want to use IE6.0 with Win-XP
    sridhar konkala

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    the question is not clear, focus to what, and what do you mean by losing focus? Anyway if you swotch (click) from one frame to another, the whole window doesn't lose focus at all.
    Also, maybe some code would help.

    Alberto http://www.unitedscripters.com/


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      Detail Problem Description: On right frame text boxes are there so focus is staying in some textbox. On left frame tiff image is there. When the data entry person need he will go to left frame and enlarge the image with mouse and in ie5 focus is not loosing from text box in right frame. But in IE6.0focus is loosing when user enlarge the image on left frame
      sridhar konkala


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        can any body help this
        sridhar konkala


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          You cannot have focus on more than one element; when the focus goes to the TIF image it will inevitably be lost from the form field.

          You could attach a mouseup to the image and use that to send focus back to the form
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