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    im using the gate keeper password protect to have a password needed to access one of my pages,the protecter accepts any password put in and uses that password to bring the person to any page with the extension of the password but i was wonderin if it is possible to make this script accept only one password and have all other passwords not work, or link to the same page, but not a different page that says incorrect or sumtin. thnk u

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    and if u need the script here is a link to it
    gate keeper


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      that would mean keeping the password in your script and that would mean there being no point having gate keeper. you could, if you have .htacces make your error 404 page say wrong pssword but that would mean that if a vister clicked on a broken link then they would get a wrog password screen instead of wrong page. if you want secure password protection then learn php ir use .htacces and .htpasswd to secure your pages
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