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Extracting visitor's email . . . possible?

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  • Extracting visitor's email . . . possible?

    As visitor's access a site, is it possible at "any" capacity to extract their email address? Or is the only way to do so by asking via a form, etc.?

    Are the services or packages out there . . . or actual code?

    Any & all ideas are helpful--thanks in advance!!


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    The only way is to request if via a form. I don't know of any software (legal) that would extract it from their PC.


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      What a surprise that the person asking how to spy on people doesn't bother to pay attention to rules of politeness and cross-posted too.
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        Perhaps I should have replied via the forum, as I originally did to the replies by other members (private message):

        My intention was not to be unethical at all. As stated with other concerned members about my "request" . . . I whole-heartedly agree your sentiments/concerns about the ethics about grabbing anyone's email--or any other personal information . . . I have a client who inquired about having visitor's information extracted upon visiting the site. I informed the client of his options, stating the responsibility he is under to the viewing audience . . . I then decided to post this request via the forum, with the hopes of gathering enough "nays" to push the client in another -- more ethical and positive direction, ie. a signup form, etc.

        Please understand that my motives are not to take advantage of "our" overall visiting audience, but to protect.



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          well, i don't think it's even possible, to begin with. there's no way to do it with javascript, that i know of, and i know how to do a lot of pretty crappy things with javascript.

          even if i did know how to do it, i wouldn't. i wouldn't want it done to me, and god knows i'd sue if i found if someone was doing it.
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            If your intention is to show the client that it's not a good thing then the reaction you got here should help you do exactly that. The fact that the question itself brings sharp questions about your motives should be a good clue that doing what the client wants (if it were even possible) would be considered unethical.

            Combine that with some stories of companies which have created ways to spy on users and the strong negative reactions and you should be able to drive your point home.
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