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    Hi all.

    I have been playing with including images I've created within tables to produce an onMouseOver effect for menu options rather than a standard link.

    It works ok but not perfectly, which raises two questions.

    1. Is there a minimum height for a table row? It doesn't seem to matter what I define the height to be below a certain value.

    2. Can I "place" an image wherever I want to on the screen or does it simply render itself at the point in the HTML at which I introduce it? I would like, ideally, to position it using something like I would in normally object-oriented programming. That is, something like:

    image.left.value = 90
    image.top.value = 50

    Is this possible using JavaScript within HTML pages?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Well to position an image like that you could do this.

    <img src="imageurl.gif" style="position:absolute;top:90;left:100;">
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      to reposition it using javascript, you use this

      document.imageref.style.left = "10px"
      document.imageref.style.top = "10px"

      i think there might besome cross browser problems with that type of stuff but i'm not sure
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        Thanks a lot

        To ACJavascript and whackaxe.

        Thank you both very much. That's exactly what I wanted.