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Combining form and link

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  • Combining form and link

    Hi there!

    I'm one of those people that don't know how to make a javascript, but knows how to use them and sometimes modify them a bit...
    Anyway, I'm trying to do this "text-tv-alike" homepage: There should be a form where the user can enter a number, and then the number is being combined with a partial url, for example:

    Enter a number [501]
    [Submit] --> http://localhost/page-501.html

    You know, http://localhost/page-XXX.html where XXX is being replaced with the number you write.

    If anyone has a script like that or would like to make one like that, I would be most grateful! (What about some free advertising in return? My site has about 130 visitors/day, hehe )


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    <input type="submit" name="btnSubmit" value="Submit" onclick="document.yourformname.action='page-'+document.yourFormName.yourTextboxName.value+'.html'">
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      thanks a lot! It works.... almost

      I'd like to link it to a complete url and when I enter for example http://localhost/blahblah.html, the link produced, looks real creepy.

      Thank you very much