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Frames and Tables (specific cells)

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  • Frames and Tables (specific cells)

    Hi all.

    If I set up a table with two colums, where there are say 10 rows associated with the first column, and the second column spans all of the 10 rows of the first column, is it possible to use the 10 cells on the left as hrefs and then write data to the big cell on the right? Or should I use frames instead?

    Secondly, is it possible with JavaScript to place something into a specific cell of a table based on some event? For example, how would I write script to produce a "Put my name in Cell B2" button, which when clicked would put "Russell" into a given cell of a table?



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    You lost me on the first question, but the second one you can do this with the td or tr element, whichever one opens the cell you are in:
    <td name="whatever">
    Then in Javascript:
    I think.
    And I know this thread is two and a half years old, but I was looking through the back of this forum (some 650 pages) and decided to answer. You know how it is.
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