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how to go back within a frame in Netscape6 & 7

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  • how to go back within a frame in Netscape6 & 7

    In the frame window, I tried self.history.back(), parent.frames[3].history.back() and self.history.go(-1). But all those methods bring me back to another site previously visited, not the previous frame I visited in my site. How can I do it?

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    The problem is that, when you have a frames site, technically you are only ever at one page. I think it might work if you put the link to go back in the content frame and not the frame that always stays the same. Do you get what I am saying?

    Let's say that you have a nav frame that is always there and has the links and stuff and the you have a content frame where your new pages are loaded. If you put the back button on the nav page then you are gonna go back to the page that you came from not the last frames page. But if you put the back button in the content frame you should go back to the last content page.

    Now I am not an expert, but if you HAVE to have the back button in the nav page then maybe try something like contentpagename.history.go(-1). But I am not sure if that will work. It might though...so good luck!!
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      Re: how to go back within a frame in Netscape6 & 7

      try top.frames[3].history.back()
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        Thank you for reply

        Thank you guys. I just found out that the Go Back is fine with direct page link in a frame, such as <a href=..html....>. However, it does not work for mine which run on the apache server. For example, my link is something like <a href=\system\network\addip> which calls the addip module in apache and it post the web site in the frame. The Netscape Go Back seems do not work on this situation. I'm still looking for solution. If you have any idea how to solve it. Please let me know. Thank you.