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Script to open web page in full screen mode

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  • Script to open web page in full screen mode

    I need a script to have my stand alone intranet web page open in the full screen mode (like F11). I tried the script called chromeless windows but keep getting script errors (object expected) Can somebody help?

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    Intranet, eh? IE?


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      Yes IE

      That works but can you guide me on how to use that code on a touchscreen where all you do is touch an image and it opens to the html doc.
      for example
      <a href="C:/wizard/autohaus.html"> <img src="file:///C:/wizard/autohaus.jpg" width="100" height="90" border="2">


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        If it's on an intranet, you may be able to rename the file to .hta and you can open a fullscreen window (and close the original) with no warnings.

        I'm not sure though, since I've only tested it on my local hard drive.

        Good luck!
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          <a href="C:/wizard/autohaus.html"
          onclick="window.open(this.href,'','fullscreen');return false;">
          <img src="file:///C:/wizard/autohaus.jpg" width="100" height="90" border="0">

          I'm no authority on how touchscreens manage user events, though. Maybe there's an ontouch handler....