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Automatically Close Closing Window Popup

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  • Automatically Close Closing Window Popup

    I'm closing a parent window from a child window, and I get a windows confirm dialog stating

    I'm using this code to close the window. I use the delay to give the window that is trying to close the parent window sufficient time to load then I focus on it, so that it helps the user know that they are closing the parent window, sometime the parent window wouldn't appear on top, but with the delay it sufficiently was delayed to bring it to the top.

    setTimeout('window.focus();return window.close();',1000)

    Now to my actual question. I would like to close the pop up confirmation automatically instead of having the user do it. Is this possible?

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    You'd have found this


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      Thanks, I appreciate the link, sorry about not getting a proper search to appear


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        Uh I went to the link and it only says that you need an Active X control and it will only work in IE, boy that sure was helpful.