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one link loading two pages

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  • one link loading two pages

    i've got a page with a lot of links and i want each link to open a page with two frames. i know how to do it normally: i mean the link goes to i.e. framepage1.htm that has a simple code like this

    <frameset cols="270,*">
    <frame name="top" src="banner.htm">
    <frame name="buttom" src="page1.htm">

    but the thing i want is for the links to automatically (as default) load banner.htm in the top frame and other pages in the buttom frame. is it possible??


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    well actually no. here's how my site looks: everything opens in fullscreen and there is one iframe that is the target of all the menu links within the page i.e. articles, download etc. but when you already enter a particular section all the other links "stay" within the iframe. and the same thing is with what i wrote previously: the iframe is still the target of the links but i want the links to divide the iframe in two separate frames (where one of them has a page with a banner that stays the same no matter what link you click - lets call it 'banner' because the 'top' name wasn't really good - and the second one has other pages that vary depending on which link you click). i know that each link can lead to a prevously prepared frame page but that would force me to make a lot of unnecessary documents.