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  • Encrypted Passwords and ...

    I am curious. I have seen this done before but here comes the questions part...

    I have two input boxes. I have them set next to eachother on the same line. I would like to know if that, when a user enters a desired password into the left box, that what they type can be encrypted and placed into the password box on the right


    pass encrypted pass
    | richard | | ************** |

    If what I am asking is too complicated for me to understand..

    pass button encrypted pass
    | richard | | Encrypte? | | ************** |

    richard is the pass that the user entered..
    button properties would look like ..

    <input type=button value=Encrypte? onClick=enpass()>

    If anybody could create a function called enpass that would encrpte letters for random settings.. I would also like to know if that for the encryption, each letter that is entered could be set to only be 2 encrypted variables long..

    ie text = richard encrypted = **************

    I hope somebody understands what I am getting at..

    Younger is better, I think. Sometimes.

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    Any help?


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      Originally posted by x_goose_x
      Any help?
      Actually, yes. I would the script to encrypt the password only, and send the user (on submit of the correct password) to a page other than the page (password).htm, .html

      You understand?

      1 Multiple usernames and passwords
      2 Encrypted Passwords only

      3 OnSubmit of correct username's password page loads at my I specify, and not the password . htm, or html

      Any othersites would be appreciated
      Younger is better, I think. Sometimes.


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        Do you want the page filename encrypted at all? or have it in plain text in the html document. Take note that this "Encryption" is not really encryption, just getting the code for each character. In other words anyone who knows the slightest javascript can decode it. Want it anyways? If you want something that's actually secure you'll need server-side.


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          What goose said is true... this is insanely easy using server-side scripting, and very likely impossible to truly do "secure" using javascript.
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            Thank You

            I understand what you are saying but what I am using the password stuff is for a website that I am signed up with, and I am in a guild of the sort, and I wanted to make a website to help the guild's members, but not anybody who knows the page name..

            let's say that the login name was member and the password was the page name, then all the user had to do was know the page name and he could get to that page, and then the password page would be useless..

            for the people that were to use this scripting that I am asking for, the people do not know JS because the site that we are all signed up with will not allow us to use it on their sites..

            anyways.. I know that it is basically impossible for me to use JS and have real security, but I do not want that, I would like a script that has a username ,and password (of course) that only I could specify, and that the password is not the page name..

            JS wizzes would have no need to want to see the page unless they were just interested in knowing if they could get throught the password scripting, which I beleive is unethical..

            but, thanks for all of your help.. If any of you spark up some ideas, don't hesitate to reply..

            Thanks again

            Younger is better, I think. Sometimes.


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              Here's something I was messing around with a while ago, give it a try. You might like it.
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                i was just browsing the threads with the search feature here for a script i need, and i stumbled upon this thread. and this post sparked my attention

                Originally posted by whammy
                What goose said is true... this is insanely easy using server-side scripting, and very likely impossible to truly do "secure" using javascript.
                i'm in the process of making a password gate, and it's so easy to find out the passwords and the destination pages, by simply doing right-click and then clicking "View Source". and there my script is... passwords and all. so i can relate to this "secure" JS stuff...

                but what i really am posting about is doing a server-side password gate. i have absolutely no experience with server-side. and i searched for something like this in the forums, and either laziness kicked in, or i couldnt find it in the first few threads that came up. anyway, if someone could direct me to an appropriate thread, or post something helpful, that'll be nice.

                and, just a little question while we're on the topic of passwords... how do i get *'s to show up whenever someone types in the password field? like the pro's do.