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Does JavaScript Add BASE HREF Tag?

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  • Does JavaScript Add BASE HREF Tag?

    Hi All,

    I'm a complete newbie, so please be kind.

    I noticed a "<BASE HREF=" line appearing on some of the JavaScript/HTML pages I've created. The file itself does not have this line (which appears outside of the <html> tags at the very top). This HREF is messing up some of out relative links on the page.

    It seems to be dynamically added by our Netscape 4.x browsers, but not IE or Netscape 6. It appears to me that the HREF line is added when the page is dynamically created with JavaScript.

    Is this a known issue/feature/bug? If it is a known problem, is there a work around? Any advice, suggestions or background info would be much appreciated.


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    only workaround i can think of, is to use only absolute references.

    i've never heard of this sort of problem before.
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      Never heard of it adding the HREF or never heard of it causing a problem. I've been looking all over the Internet just to make sure that my pages aren't the only one producing the issue. Here's a link to a site:

      WHen I load the page, then view source, the href tag is the very first line. I'm using NS 4.77