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pop ups and web polling scripts

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  • pop ups and web polling scripts

    Can someone point me in the right direction to find the following:

    1. I need a pop up/under window javascript that will launch only when someone enters my site from that page. I want to put the popup on a couple of my highest traffic pages but I don't want a visitor to get hit with the same window when suffering through the site

    2. I want to put a poll on my site but I am not a programmer and don't understand what Pearl is or CGI. I browsed through toolkit's list of polling options but could not understand how to install any of them. Is there an easier way? I just want a simple poll that asks one question, with radio button answers and a results page that shows the cumulative result. I also need to duplicate this poll and personalize it for each product I am holding a poll on.

    Thank you all. This forum is a godsend.

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    for your poll my friend you need php! phph is a scripting language which is very commaon in web hosts. it is much more powerfull than javascript.
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      okay... for a popup window, try JavaScript Kit, they have a few.

      and your poll, trickey, but if you dont know PHP/cgi/etc then try a free one from Hosted Scripts, they only put a little popup on the page and they give you loads of stuff and you can customize it to your hearts content (almost)

      good luck