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Addition in a form

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  • Addition in a form

    I have developed the following script:

    function calcBudget(){
    a = CapBudget;
    b = ExpBudget;
    total = a + b;
    return total;}

    a = 47 b = 53
    Answer should be 100, but I get 4753. How can I add these two together as numbers?

    This is for a Intranet site at work. Calculation must be done on the client side.

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    It works fine for me, however I think your problem may be this...

    when you're defining CapBudget and ExpBudget, are you putting the values in Quotes?

    CapBudget = '47';
    ExpBudget = '53';

    Just define those to variables without the quotes, and you'll be fine.

    CapBudget = 47;
    ExpBudget = 53;
    total = 100



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      Thanks for the reply. I apologize, but I may not have made it clear in my example that the user will be entering the values into the form, so the 47 and 53 would be entered into the form. So I really don't have a place to put the quotes since the numbers are not hard coded in. So maybe my example should have been:

      a = document.form.CapBudget.value
      b = document.form.ExpBudget.value
      total = a + b;

      return total;

      With the return giving a field called TotBudget the result. As I stated, the strings are being combined, but the addition is not happening. This is being done on an Intranet site and the browsers being used are Netscape 4. I may be unclear how the script determines whether the user entry is text or a number.


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        Use Number to convert it to a number.

        a = Number(document.form.CapBudget.value);
        b = Number(document.form.ExpBudget.value);
        total = a + b;

        return total;