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applet not showing

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  • applet not showing

    I cant get this applet to show on my page, all i get is a grey bground where the image should be, i placed this script in the cell were i want the images to show, is there anything else i should be doing ??

    <applet code="Fade.class" WIDTH="103" HEIGHT="21">
    <param name="generator" value="Easy Applet Builder - http://www.taijisoftware.com">
    <param name="background_color" value="#000000">
    <param name="link" value="helpfiles.htm">
    <param name="target" value="_parent">
    <param name="pause" value="20">
    <param name="pause2" value="300">
    <param name="frame_number" value="50">
    <param name="image1" value="help.gif">
    <param name="image2" value="blank.gif">
    <param name="image_number" value="2">
    alt="Please activate Java...

    Any help Appreciated


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    If you are using a java applet and you get a gray background then the codes url isn't there.
    You should try and make sure that the directory to the Fade.class is correct.

    Hope this has helped
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      Thanx AC

      I had put the fade.class in my image directory instead of my html one

      1 other quick Q if you can help, the two images i am using have ignore colours using frontpage, but when used in an applet, they come with a grey bground