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REscource Management in Languge Interpretation

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  • REscource Management in Languge Interpretation

    I would like to point out one major resource factor in scripting while parsing SQL through server or client side language interpretation.

    the * 'wildcard or ALL operator.

    if you use this while parsing SQL through a server side language such as VBscript, PHP, ASP, Java, Fortran, etc the SQL interpretation will do the following in this order.

    1. first of all it will go and find all the column and fied names in the able you selected.
    2. Then it will come back and parse the names of the table columns you wish to compile into an array.
    3. Then it will re-interpret the SQL command using the proper command
    (SELECT 'coumn1, column2, column,3 FROM 'table' etc.) and submit this.
    4. Will return the values of your server function into your array.

    As you can see, it takes up double the resources for the same command you wish, so to solve this, specify your column names.

    The wildcard operator is all well and good when you DONT know the names of the columsn to which your data is stored, but when you do always use them.

    The reason is this. When you have up to 30 users parsing the same SS interpreter to the same Database, irrespective of whether it is the same command, or even the same table it wil slow the application down and use server resources, and make for bad resource management.

    Take note and tahnks