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  • KIWIBRIT, Answer to your browser Query


    In answer to your question about why Javascript browswer should be catered for.

    first of all it is because user that disable the JIT or Javascript, APllets, ActivX controls, block IDs, Etc si becuase of security and, yes I agree with your in this instance, this is a self inflicted injury due to the amount of spyware products there are around.

    But what I dont agree with you is the fact that this same instance where Javascript is disabled could be due to a network firewall such as a corporate T1 server, or an intranet firewall which allows restricted access to the web, and you customer or potential customer happens to be within this apsect. This is why you should cater for all users because of this and te above reason.

    Some poeple are just cautious, and some people simply dont want crap such as an acitveX control on their PC, dont want a menu bar invading thir navigation, or their IP address given out, list goes on.

    This is specifically why their is more than one way of doing things, and a good developer should cater for all instances, or as many as he or she is able to. This is where good Web application planning comes into effect, and the old addagio is apparent.

    "You can never visually design applications or mediums sat in front of parsing or programming interface..."

    All take note..

    By for now....

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    OK thanks for that.