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  • close window, add to tab

    Hi all,
    I am currently working on an internet browser. It's tabbed but can also open in new windows. I want to know how i can make it so that instead of opening in a window, it opens in a new tab. The script i am currently using is:

    body onload();
    The tabs 'mechanism' is called Tabs.html (yes, html used within the browser), the address bar is called Addressbar and to add a tab to Tabs.html, i use 'AddTab' command (cannot be changed). I want it so that when a browser window opens, it will retrieve the address from the new window, close the new window, add a tab to the original window and overwrite the new tab address and then navigate to it. All this has to be done client side though but can be done in any client side language (vbscript, jscript, javascript, etc) not just javascript. I know it's quite complicated but it would really improve the next version of the browser. Anyone who solves this 'problem' gets their name in the credits, the readme and the about dialog.

    Scott Pritchard.
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    Can you post up more code please - what you have already written, etc - it sounds a bit like an assignment too...

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      Code from where? Tabs.html? It's not an assignment either.