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    Lets assume that a country is divided into provinces, every province is divided into dictricts, every district is divided into communities, every community is divided into precincts, every precinct is divided into maps. I would like to have a possibility of choosing from every available map or precinct or community etc. if there is no precedent element chosen.
    However if earlier an element had been chosen such as district, then only those elemnets which are present in this district should be
    shown in communities, precincts or maps.
    All the data (names of provinces, districts etc.) is stored in mysql database in separate tables. Every table (except the first one) contains: id of the record, id of the record in precedent table (in order to know for example in
    which province a district is located) and the name od the record.

    My concept was to generate a multidimensional table:
    t[id_province][id_distrinct][id_community][id_precinct]=id_mapand to generate drop - down
    menus from it. In my opinion it should be generated in JavaScript, but I have no idea how it should be written.

    Thanks for any help.