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Layer/div Scroll?

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  • Layer/div Scroll?

    I'm having a problem with my DIV's. I have created several layers using the <DIV> tag. On several of these layers there is a lot of text. i want to be able to scroll this up and down but ONLY the text! i don't want any of the other layers to move, as this wouldn't have the effect that i want to achieve. i need it to work on Internet Explorer. I don't care which version, as i have the latest and i'll just run simple script to check the users version, if need be.
    I would be VERY grateful if someone could help. I realise it may not be possible with JavaScript, but if someone knows of another language that would work, and possible even a "script" i would be grateful for that too!
    I do hope someone can help me.
    Many thanks in advance,

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    Take a look at the zip-file I've included......
    It's a neat script created in Dreamweaver.


    Oh...... I forgot this: you should put the images in a directory called 'img'.
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      it is possible with javascript

      I did it with javascript.

      I can show you how, but you have to wait a little bit, 'cause i'm studying for an exam and have no extra time for such things.

      Wait a few days and you will see


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        Just set the following CSS properties:

        width: myWidth;
        height: myHeight;
        overflow: scroll;

        That will work in IE and Gecko.


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          DHTML Central

          try this site it has great stuff and has some coding for a script similar what you are talking about:

          DHTML Central
          thank you.


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            Nice. However, while the script has code for NN4, unfortunately on my NN4.51 (which I keep as a cross-browser test) it does not work. I cant yet spot why.



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              NS and layers

              Netscape isn't very good with layers..... For that I'm starting to dis-like Netscape (even NS6!)

              Someone else helped me out with a similar problem of mine: 'Put the <div>-tags right after de <body>-tag.'

              Maybe it helps....

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                still interested

                is somebody still interested in the way who i solved the problem of scrolling layers/divs or the file in an other frame?

                If yes i'll post my source code