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  • drop box script

    I picked up some free script which changes the items in a second drop box depending what is picked in the first drop box. It works really well. But I want to use it again on the same page for 2 more drop boxes. I don't know enough about coding to fix the problems.

    I have attached a .txt file for the HTML page with the code for 2 lots of boxes.

    When you click a link in the second drop box it goes direct to site/page. The url's in the .txt file are not the right ones but thats not where the problem lies. The second drop box on neither of the 2 lots are not populating.

    Any help would really be good - not too techi - I'm a newbie.
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    Here is a tutorial about doing things of this nature:



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      That was one of the first place I looked and it didn't answer the question (or if it did I didn't understand).

      It did lead me to this forum and I was hoping that some wonderful person on this forum would take a look and see what I had done wrong.

      I am getting so frustrated with this now - pleeeeeeese heeeeeelp
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