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newbie. innerText vs. innerHTML vs. style.content

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  • newbie. innerText vs. innerHTML vs. style.content

    I can't find a browser-neutral way of modifying the text contained within a tag. Do I need to write a function to do it? Anyone got one? Or is there another way I've missed?

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    innerHTML is the cross-browser way though not standard.
    For DOM-compliant browsers, you can use DOM to create elements and text nodes on the fly.

    For extensive lists of DOM references and other resources, see this sticky thread.
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      Thank you, once again a helpful answer. So here are some examples:
      <BODY onLoad="loader()">
      <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
      <!-- Hide code from older browsers
      function loader() {
        pp = document.getElementsByTagName("P")
        pp[1].innerText = "Para 1 content dynamic "
        pp[2].style.content = "para 2 even more dynamic"
        pp[3].innerHTML    = "yet another way"
        pp[4].childNodes[0].nodeValue = "which method is recommended?"
      // End hiding-->
      <p> here's a para 0</p>
      <p> here's a para 1</p>
      <p> here's a para 2</p>
      <p> here's a para 3</p>
      <p> here's a para 4</p>
      <p id="five"> here's a para 5</p>
      running IE5 the style.content doesn't work (as advertised) but the others do; any overall recommendations or comments for a newbie? Should I use the DOM method for long-term reliability, for instance?