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Right Click disabler

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  • Right Click disabler

    I have recently taken on a job of doing up a modelling website and was wondering if ne1 knew how i cud make it so that when people right click on the page with the image thumbnails a warning will come up and when the image opens in a new window it will disable right click and also show a warning???

    ne help wud be grand

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    Basically disabling the right click is a waste of time since you have the image toolbar, printscreen button, your internet cache, image grabber programs, and you have google image search which rips you images off the page, plus a person can disable javascript and do what they want with the image.

    Best thing to do is water mark the images......

    But if you want to code something that is a waste of your development time look at this:

    Tech Author [Ajax In Action, JavaScript: Visual Blueprint]


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      See also this thread http://www.codingforum.net/showthrea...&threadid=4437
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