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Browser compatibility issues in brothercake script

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  • Browser compatibility issues in brothercake script

    So I downloaded and configured Ultimate Drop Down Menu from brothercake.com. I have configured the script to run in virtual alignment with relative positioning. The script is working beautifully on IE 6 and Netscape 7 on the PC end, and Safari 1.2, Firefox 0.8, and Netscape 7.1 on the Mac end. However, it isn't working in IE, Netscape 4.7, Opera, or Safari 1.0 on the Mac and I can't seem to figure out why.

    Here is how I am linking back to the drop downs on the page in question :

    <td><a href="planserv/planproc.html" onmouseover="over(0)"><img name="b0" src="images/process.gif" width=62 height=28 border=0 alt="URI Planning Process"></a></td>

    <td><a href="planserv/space.html" onmouseover="over(1)"><img name="b1" src="images/spaceplan.gif" width=106 height=28 border=0 alt="Space Planning"></a></td>

    etc, etc. These img names and over values refer back to a script in the head of the page I'm working on that is as follows:

    var imgObj;
    function over(imgNum) {

    ____if(menuReadyState) {

    ________//find image object
    ________imgObj = document.images["b"+imgNum];

    ________//find position of image
    ________xPos = getRealLeft(imgObj);
    ________yPos = getRealTop(imgObj);

    ________//activate menu with returned co-ordinates



    If anyone can see why this would cause problems in the browsers in question I would really appreciate a hand with this one. Thanks.


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    Browser compatibility

    Even if you don't have the time to look at the code in question, does anyone know why my scripts would

    Work in:
    Internet Explorer 6 (PC)
    Netscape 7 (PC & Mac)
    Safari 1.2 (Mac)
    Firefox 0.8 (Mac)

    Not work in:
    Internet Explorer 5 (Mac)
    Netscape 4.7 (Mac)
    Opera 6.0 (Mac)
    Safari 1.0 (Mac)

    According to the brothercake site, the script should be compatible with all of these browsers, I'm especially suprised about the Safari 1.0/1.2 difference.

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      From the Ultimate menu web site:

      Whatever you do, do not put the menu script include inside a table cell, a div or any other element; it must be on its own, as a direct child of the <body>.
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        Hi Roy. I really appreciate your reply. It seems that I had a stray </div> tag hanging around at the end of the page (after the menu reference). Is that what you were referring to or is there a problem with the way that I'm referenicing the menus from my navbar (created in a tbale)? Either way, I removed the div tag and it didn't seem to make a difference to Mac IE 5.2.



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          That stray </div> was what I was looking at, I didn't check to see if there was a matching <div>. I can't really help much more than that since it's the Mac versions you're having trouble with and I don't have access to a Mac.
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            Thanks anyway, Roy. I appreciate you taking the time to look at the code.