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Custom Right Mouse Menu for Admins

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  • Custom Right Mouse Menu for Admins

    I have seen many scripts on making right click menus, disabling and all sorts of other features.

    I can't seem to find, or don't know what keywords to use.

    What I would like to do is make a custom right click menu that has the following properties:
    --Things I have seen:--
    ¤ activated when the right mouse button is dragged down on the page by 50 pixels.
    ¤ menu remains open until closed by clicking on a close button
    ¤ use image map to select "button" regions on menu
    --Things not seen:--
    ¤ replace normal box shape with a custom non rectangular picture
    ¤ call an html page or js sheet to display contents of the menu
    ¤ use scroller bars on the menu to move titles up and down through each image map position defined as a button
    ¤ clicking a button brings out a second menu from the first one
    ¤ second menu is determined by which first menu title item is clicked

    It is much harder to describe than to see - but I think the only tricky parts there are the calling of files that contains the desired contents, using a custom picture instead of making a box, and organising the latter to display on the former.

    Everything else about styling it I think I can get and about making the titles clickable I can do and I can do the graphics etc.

    But how to make the javascript do those other bits, I have no idea. I've only made similar things in flash before.


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    Custom Right Click

    There is absolutely no way to stop people from taking things off of your page. If you are trying to prevent people from taking your images, no one wants an image that has your name and/or url on it.
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      You can try looking here.



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        I am not trying to block people.

        Hi, I want this for the administrators of the page.

        If you read what I wanted to do - I said, I don't want to disable the right click, I want to open a right click menu for use by administrators for customising the website, and only to open the menu when the hold and drag the right mouse button. ¬_¬

        Hardly an attempt to stop people getting source code, which I couldn't care less about anyway. What I do want to do is to display a specific kind of right click menu that incorporates the features I described above to allow an administrator to interact with the page in real time instead of having to go and make changes in the administration panel and then go back and make changes to the page.

        All I am looking for on this forum is a way to customise the appearance of that menu. I think my php and mysql book will help me to work out the interfacing with the current module or feature - side of things.



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          Hi Willy

          Thanks for the link - that was the one I was referring to in the first post

          I would like to incorporate that clever scripting into this one idea. However, the key focus that I can't solve right now is to open a custom image on the right mouse click - a non-rectangular one. thanks