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  • Chromless (non popup)

    Just wondering if anyone has a script to make a chromless window. But NOT a pop-up, for example a user would just enter the url and the window would change to chromless (and also go full screen while i'm at it!)

    Any help would be great!


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    You site is a guest within user browser window. Trying to change it (or opening a new one) is simply impolite and most probably will result in visitor quickly leaving and never coming back.
    Reconsider you design approach.
    Vladdy | KL
    "Working web site is not the one that looks the same on common graphical browsers running on desktop computers, but the one that adequately delivers information regardless of device accessing it"


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      so can it be done without a pop-up? sorry, i didn't really understand your response


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        no it can not be done to the main window, if you do a search on the forums you may find your answer on ways to make this seem like it happens with popups by closing the parent, but it will be blocked by all pop up blockers so it is a waste of time and your sitre will close and no one will be able to visti your page.

        Would that be a loss?

        Tech Author [Ajax In Action, JavaScript: Visual Blueprint]


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          From DynamicDrive.com:

          "The Chromeless Window script currently does NOT work in Windows XP from SP1 (Service Pack 1) and thereon after. The problem is due to a changed behavior in XP that prevents Chromeless Windows all together (security update)."
          Reno CF


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            cool, just wanted to see what ya'll thought!

            I'll be changing that thought then!