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  • Kill a sound

    well i have made this site and i used flash for an intro and menu etc but it gives a realy anoying beep all the time and i cant find the option to turn the sound of in my flash editor ( wich inserts the sound by default ) so i was wondering if there was a javascript command ore something like that that would kill all the sounds produced by my website

    if u want to look at it to see the problem go to http://home.tiscali.nl/profielwerkstuk ore just klik here

    thanks in advance,

    http://membres.lycos.fr/ronaldimmerz...mputers060.gif The Digital Motorway

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    In flash you can add "stopAllSounds()", depending on how you made the sound in the first place.


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      i didnt insert the sound myself it was done by a program called Anim-FX wich i use to make intro's and buttons/banners

      and i dunno how 2 use somethnig like flash mx to make it without a builder
      http://membres.lycos.fr/ronaldimmerz...mputers060.gif The Digital Motorway