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NeedHelp with cross frame function execution

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  • NeedHelp with cross frame function execution

    I have created a page with javascript running an image slide show. The script has button controls to stop and play the show, however I want to separate the buttons from the main show page and put them on a separate frame and have it control from there. This is because each image differ in size and consequently move the buttons and it looks crazy.

    I have successfully removed the buttons from the script and placed them in the new frame. The show runs ok and the buttons are visible but inactive.

    Can anyone tell me how to make the buttons execute the function from the script across the frame?

    The attached ZIP file contains the project. Thanks
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      Glen, thanks for the response. Being I am not that clued to scripting, I am not sure where to place the line you posted. I've tried it within the button code and nothing's happening. If you downloaded the project I posted, could you please indicate where exactly it would go? Thanks


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        <INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="|<<" onclick="top.frames['main'].slideImage(0);" TITLE="To Start" CLASS="slideButton">
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          Glenn, once again I thank you and greatly appreciate the help you have given me. This is certainly teaching me quite a bit about javascripting.

          I have applied the code lines you posted and the buttons do execute the commands but the browser (IE) reports that there are errors on the page. It didn't specify which lines or if something was expected. I'm trying to pick through to determine but it seems fruitless so once again I must refer to your expertise.

          Is there something I need to add or remove from the code to get smooth operation?



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            You can double click the little ! icon (exclamation icon) on the status bar. It will give you the exact locations of the errors.
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