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Can you set a delay on an iframe?

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  • Can you set a delay on an iframe?

    I have a small flash animation which plays through before the background image (CSS) has even loaded.
    I've ben given JavaScript to delay the writing of the obj/embed tags until all the images have loaded. But on IE5 I loose my navbar image rollover states.

    It has been suggested that I place the flash anim in an iframe but how do I delay the iframes appearance on the page?
    Is iframe a good solution? ... to anything? What is the current verdict on them?

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    This belongs in the javascript forum!
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      A friend at college is having a similar problem. I've spent the last 15 minutes searching for a way to get JS to tell Flash to start playing, but without any luck.
      Even though I don't know JS, I know this should be simple.

      ps. iframes.....uurgh...

      I take no responsibility for the above nonsense.

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        Your question has already been answered here.



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          Thanks - will try solution and see what comes up.