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unrecognized this keyword????

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  • unrecognized this keyword????

    I've been messing with this for far too long now, and I'm calling all hands to the deck!!

    If you can take the time to download the attached file (unzip it and open the html file in a browser -- IE), click on the P/C (postal code) text field, type anything, and tab out, you'll notice that an error occurs in the javascript.

    When you double click the error (on the status bar in IE), it will tell you the line number: 35, and mention that value is null or not an object.

    I've narrowed it down to this: The textbox's onBlur event calls this function validatePostalCode and passes the parameter 'this' (the 'this' keyword).

    In the function, it doesn't receive the textbox as intended, and I don't know what it is getting.

    I'm sure it's a little thing, but I can't figure it out!! Please help me!

    Thanks very much,
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    I do not know anything about VB script but your VB script is conflicting with the javascript. I believe it is the use of the onclick event in the VB script. I would advise converting the VB script to javascript.



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      Thanks for your reply Willy.

      I did think about that, but the reason I need the VBScript (or at least I think I do...), is the functionality it provides me (ie. the ability to have the yes/no on delete. I need this ability!).

      If there is a way to have the yes/no alert in Javascript, because I couldn't figure it out, I'd appreciate a little help there.

      Personally, I do prefer Javscript, it's just that I ran into a wall with the yes/no on an alert.

      If there's another problem with my script/page, I'd appreciate some help.



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        Try using confirm as opposed to alert.



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          Hey Willie!!

          That fixed it all up! VBScript sucks my a**!! Lol

          Thanks sooo much for your help. I had no idea about that confirm command (can't believe it either.... so dumb)

          So thanks again.