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Trying to create window with dynamic text

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  • Trying to create window with dynamic text

    I am trying to do something similiar to what is done on this page:

    MSNBC Page

    towards the bottom there is a window where you can click on either martha stewart, Peter Baconovic, or whoever, and then some information comes up.

    I am a real newbie at Javascripts so I am learning as we go along. I downloaded the page to look at the script, and though I don't understand everything I am particularly confused by one line. There is a .js data document that is basically an array named "MarthCharges_040127" but then there is a declaration in there that reads.

    MarthaCharges_040127[i-1].body = "<b>Conspiracy</b>  <br>Alleges Stewart and Bacanovic \"..."
    basically the content of that window. But nowhere do I see the field .body defined for the array "MarthCharges_040127" (by the way that array was defined at the very top). So I was wondering, is Array.body a standard field of all arrays, and if so what does it do?