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Need help searching a TDC

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  • Need help searching a TDC

    I am creating a cheap password protection type javascript and I want to hide my "users" and their info in a TDC. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to figure out how to compare the variables in JavaScript with variables in TDC...

    In a nutshell:

    if (javascript variable taken from input textbox = specific TDC variable in a line of variables)

    {Javascript would go here}

    Can anyone show me how to do it, if it is even possible?

    I realize that there are probably much better ways to do this, but it's not really hiding anything "Top Secret"... It's just moderating who gets in and who doesn't...

    Any Help will be greatly appreciated!

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    Have you seen this script or this thread?
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      ok, so you may not be doing anything top secret, but couldn't banned users still sneek in by looking up the values in your TDC. It's still not ideall really is it?

      anyway, to search a TDC, just loop through all the records and with a regular expression find the one you want. how's that?
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        just curious here what a TDC?


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          Look here
          *keep it simple (TM)