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the disappearing mousetrail mystery

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  • the disappearing mousetrail mystery

    The problem is... had mousetrail onLoad and navbar preload images also onLoad. I was advised that this could be the clash. But subsequent script to combine both onLoad functions now makes mousetrail disappear on IE5 for Mac. (Fine for IE6 on PC.)

    I also had a problem with a small flash movie that played through before the background image had even loaded. So if anyone can knows how to get the flash to only play once the images have all loaded I would be extremely grateful.
    At the moment it's scripted so that once the images have loaded the script for the flash is written. But it doesn't work on NN6!

    This is a link to a page just trying to get the mousetrail to work, so the navbar isn't there but the script to preload the images for it is.

    I'd even be grateful if anyone can go to the link and just tell me if they see the trail and Flash anim or not (please include operating system and browser version).
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