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I will pay someone $20 via paypal to modify a .JS script for me.

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  • I will pay someone $20 via paypal to modify a .JS script for me.

    I have the java source code which will go in the JS, I just need about three values to be modified so that it can use the values in a url instead of the ones I place in the code itself.

    EG: Someone will use a form that will generate this script for them to place on there website. The form will only have the values of:

    Room name:

    So they will get a code with the roomname, width, and height values that they entered in the form.
    <script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript"src="http://domain.com/code.js?room=RoomName&width=520&height=500"></script>

    Where "roomname" "width" and "height" will be in the code but it would require some sort of code so that it can use those values.

    hth = parseInt("%height%");
    wth = parseInt("%width%");

    So one value would be somting like this.
    document.write("height=\""+hth+"\" width=\""+wth+"\">\n");

    etc... I also have an example of a script that you can use as a guide. So this should make things simple for you.

    Is anyone interested? For someone with javascript experience this shouldn’t be a tuff thing to do would probably take them a couple of minutes or less.

    Anyways feel free to email me or pm me.
    Thank you! - [email protected]

    If you dont have paypal I can always mail it to you in the mail.
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    I've already answered you in this cross-post.
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      since this appears to have been a cross post, and since it's been answered, i'm going to lock this thread.
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