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Basic form that sends data to another page

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  • Basic form that sends data to another page

    I'm looking for a very simple/basic javascript based form. Basically it will list about five titles - for exaple 5 books - a user can tick the checkboxes and then click submit - this will cause for the users selection to be sent to the second page, eg. "confirm selection" - on this page, the users selection will be listed.

    Can anybody do this for me please

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    ok man not to bash... but no one should do your work for you...
    granted I am new here but i have been around the black more than a few times ... and i dont think that any programmer is going to help you unless you help yourself... aka make an effort to do it then post back here with what you have done and where you are having specific problems...

    however my services are for sale and this can be accomplished for $50.00 US.
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      Anyway, anybody who's willing to help me without trying to make a profit, i'll explain a little further what i'm looking for.

      Basically, theres going to be two pages, eg. page1.html and page2.html

      page1.html has a form with a few input boxes, what i want is for a user to be able to enter data into those input boxes and when they click on submit, the data gets forwarded to page2.html which also has input boxes - the same input boxes that where on page1.html (the reason being page1.html has a lot of additional information and page2.html basically shows the basics of what the user entered)

      All i want is to know is how can i forward the data entered in the form on page1.html to page2.html - that's all.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated


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        Refere all you need using window.opener

        document.formName2.inputName2.value = window.opener.document.formName1.inputName1.value

        For sefety of reference, open page2 using a javascript window.open(...) function, not a simple href link.
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          does that go into page1.html? If so, do i need to put anything in page2.html so that the input boxes on that page show the data that has been input into page1.html


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            If the 2 pages should be opened in the same window, window.opener will not work.

            The first option is to use a server-side language (ASP, PHP, JSP, etc) to easily pass data from one page to another using either POST or GET method. If no server-side language is available, you can pass data in javascript using the GET method only. But there are other ways to pass data from page to page. Here's a good column on that.

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