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Please Help Me Set The Results In a Table

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  • Please Help Me Set The Results In a Table

    Hey Im New Here, But Not That New In EDITING Javascript

    Yeah i can't code a script from scratch which is why i have the problem i have at the moment, however i have been able to modify the script i found on hotscripts.com to work so that at least i know i can add it to my site.

    My problem now however, is that i need to use this script and make it look like my site itself. (the way the "def.htm" looks like from the begining)

    basicly, i need the response to be inside a table with a 2 pixel border in red with a black background....

    i attached the files i have on the post,

    hope someone can help me, and sorry the question is so basic, i just have my forte on actionscript for flash, not javascript

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    This post is way too vague. You didn't give enough info? What script?
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