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Variables in onClick commands

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  • Variables in onClick commands

    I've been trying some stuff out and I came accross a problem. I want to use a variable that will replace an object's name in a onClick command on a button. The variable is text entered in a text filed. How would I go about doing this?
    here is my script:
    var gordon = new hlguy("Gordon", "100", "100", "AR");
    function hlguy(name, health, armor, weapon)
    this.armor= armor;
    this.display = display;
    this.hurt1hp= hurt1hp;
    this.hurt2hp= hurt2hp;
    this.hurt3hp= hurt3hp;
    function createnewhlguy()
    	newguystring= " ";
    	var thenewname = document.hl.playername.value
    	var createit = new hlguy(thenewname, "100", "100", "AR");
    	var thenewname = createit
    	newguystring = "Name: " + thenewname.name + " Health: " + thenewname.health;
    	document.hl.status.value = newguystring
    function hurt1hp(namee)
    	this.health = this.health - 1
    	return namee.health
    function hurt2hp()
    	this.health = this.health - 2
    function hurt3hp()
    	this.health = this.health - 3
    function display()
    	var the_string = "";
    	var min_health = 0
    	if (this.health < min_health)
    		the_string = this.name + " IS DEAD!";
    	} else {
    		the_string +=	"Name: " + this.name + "  Health: " + this.health;
    	window.document.hl.status.value = the_string;
    var nametext = document.hl.playername.value
    <form name="hl">
    Enter the Player's Name: 	<input type="text"  name="playername" size="30" value="Name"><br>
    Status of the Player:		<input type="text" name="status" size="50" ><br>
    <input type="button" value="Create the new Player" onClick="createnewhlguy();"><br>
    <input type="button" value="-1 HP" onClick="hurt1hp(nametext);"><br>
    <input type="button" value="-2 HP" onClick="nametext.hurt2hp();"><br>
    <input type="button" value="-3 HP" onClick="nametext.hurt3hp();"><br>
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    At a first glance, you mixted string with numbers.

    1. Some of your parameters are passed as string

    var gordon = new hlguy("Gordon", "100", "100", "AR");

    and later use as numbers

    this.health = this.health - 1

    Try parse the strings into integers:

    this.armor= parseInt(armor);

    Further more, don't forget that the form's elements' values are string, also, so if you intend to use that values for a math operation, parse them too before use a math operator
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      I would suggest you just name you player object player, renaming objects sound to me something that should be avoided even if possible which I doubt it is.
      And you should put your functions within the object contructor so they can't be accessed directly if you want a true object.