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Gift Certificate Form w/Details

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  • Gift Certificate Form w/Details

    I'm relatively new to js and just learning the ropes. I'm building my own website, and have a single page specifically set-up for customers to order a gift certificate toward merchandise on my site.

    First of all, being new to js, is there any reason the gift recipient's info CAN'T be entered here vs. checkout?

    I'm wondering how best to organize the form on the page (and consequently, how to write the script for that form!), based on the following variables. I would like to offer values of $10, $25, $50, $100, or "Other", and then have a box where they can enter any amount. (Or maybe just have ONE box that lets them enter an amount they want!?) - and have that amount submitted to the shopping cart. I would also like Name, Address, and "Message" fields for the recipient.

    And can this form somehow be submitted to the shopping cart w/o all the information showing in the cart?

    I just want my site to be extremely friendly and easy to maneuver. No confusion!!

    Is anyone willing to help?
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    Clarification added above.
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