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  • Can anyone help out there

    Hello folks I am new to programming and I was wondering if there is any one out there who can give me some assistance

    I am trying to put a combo box viewer from the dynamicdrive.com site and have the following code

    The menu drop down box works fine but I can't seem to get the combo message. Can anyone see anything obvious that I am missing or doing as all that is happening is when I paste into the body of the page all I get is all the text. I seem to be missing the linkage part to the menu but hey what do I know. Any help would be appreciated.

    <option selected>Forsythe Racing</option>
    <option>Mi-Jack Conquest</option>
    <option>PK Racing</option>
    <option>Herdez Competition</option>
    <option>Team Rahal</option>
    <option>Walker Racing</option>
    <option>Newman Haas Racing</option>
    <option>Fittipaldi Racing</option>
    <option>Fernandez Racing</option>
    <option>Dale Coyne Racing</option>
    <option>Rocketsport Racing</option>

    <div id="dropmsg0" class="dropcontent">
    TEAM HIGHLIGHTS • Driver Patrick Carpentier scored his first Champ Car victory with the team at Michigan International Speedway in 2001 • Second-year driver Alex Tagliani closedout the 2001 Champ Car World Series season with back-to-back third place finishes, and had two pole positions in 2001 (three career poles total)at Vancouver and the season finale at California Speedway • Former driver Jacques Villeneuve was the 1994 CART Rookie of the Year • Runner-up in the 1983 Champ Car World Series with rookie driver Teo Fabi TEAM STATS Years: 13 Victories: 23 Poles: 26 </div>
    <div id="dropmsg1" class="dropcontent"> TEAM STATS Years: 0 Victories: 0 Poles: 0 </div>
    <div id="dropmsg2" class="dropcontent"> TEAM STATS Years: 0 Victories: 0 Poles: 0 </div>
    <div id="dropmsg3" class="dropcontent"> TEAM STATS Years: 0 Victories: 0 Poles: 0 </div>
    <div id="dropmsg4" class="dropcontent"> TEAM HIGHLIGHTS • Has Fielded three CART rookies of the Year (Mario Dominguez, 2002; Patrick Carpentier,1997; and Stefan Johansson, 1992) • Top finishes include first win with rookie driver Mario Dominguez in Australia 2002, second place runs with rookie driver Helio Castroneves at Milwaukee in 1998 and Patrick Carpentier in 1997 at St.Louis • Provided 2001 driver Michel Jourdain Jr. with
    his career-best finish, a third place run, at Michigan International Speedway • Team Changed from Herdez Bettenhausen to Herdez Competition in 2002 TEAM STATS Years: 18 Victories: 2 Poles: 0 </div>
    <div id="dropmsg5" class="dropcontent"> TEAM HIGHLIGHTS • Winner of 1992CART title as Rahal/Hogan Racing with Bobby Rahal as the driver • Entertainer David Letterman became minority-interest owner in 1996 • Driver Kenny Brack won the Jim Trueman Rookie of the Year Award in 2000 • Winningest team in 2001 Champ Car World Series with six wins (four for Kenny Brack and two for Max Papis) • Championship runner-up in 2001 with driver
    Kenny Brack TEAM STATS Years: 13 Victories: 17 Poles: 19 </div>
    <div id="dropmsg6" class="dropcontent"> TEAM HIGHLIGHTS • Finished career-best second in 1997 Champ Car World Series championship with driver Gil de Ferran • Earned a victory and two poles with de Ferran during the 1999 Champ Car World Series season • Tied for series lead with seven podium finishes during the 1997 season • Owns four victories and 10 pole positions in Champ Car World Series competition TEAM STATS Years: 14 Victories: 4 Poles: 10 </div>
    <div id="dropmsg7" class="dropcontent"> TEAM STATS Years: 0 Victories: 0 Poles: 0 </div>
    <div id="dropmsg8" class="dropcontent"> TEAM HIGHLIGHTS • Most successful team currently participating in the Champ Car World Series • Second in Champ Car World Series history with 68 victories • Second in Champ Car World Series history with 70 pole positions • Tied for third in
    series history with three CART Champ Car World Series championships (1984, ‘91, ‘93) • Winners of at least one event in 19 of 20 seasons TEAM STATS Years: 22 Victories: 73 Poles: 84 </div>
    <div id="dropmsg9" class="dropcontent"> TEAM STATS Years: 0 Victories: 0 Poles: 0 </div>
    <div id="dropmsg10" class="dropcontent"> TEAM HIGHLIGHTS • Earned first points with eighth-place finish in 2001 Firestone Firehawk 500 at Twin Ring Motegi by driver Shinji Nakano • Earned first podium finish at 2001 Molson Indy in Toronto with third-place run by owner/driver Adrian Fernلndez • Won poles for season opener at Monterrey and also at Milwaukee
    TEAM STATS Years: 3 Victories: 1 Poles: 3 </div>
    <div id="dropmsg11" class="dropcontent"> TEAM STATS Years: 20 Victories: 0 Poles: 0 </div>
    <div id="dropmsg12" class="dropcontent"> TEAM STATS Years: 0 Victories: 0 Poles: 2 </div>

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    what do you mean by "I can't seem to get the combo message". What is a "combo message"? there is not enough code here to guess at what you're trying to do.... but if you want some action/thing to happen when you select any given option, typically you have an "onchange" event in each <option> tag.


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      Check the .txt file. I got the idea from another example posted by Vladdy.

      Just beginning, so I don't know if it could be done a better way or not, but I tried my hand - hope this helps some.
      Also, I hope it works.

      Heheheh, it doesn't seem to work in Firebird.
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      Last edited by Paul Jr; Feb 21, 2004, 12:42 AM.


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        Hello Paul and thank you for your resposne above, I have tried the code listed in the text and I see the result as follows on

        It doesn't appear to link to the lines of text

        If you can help on this this would be be much appreciated


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          function display(aObj)