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  • code for recording!

    Hi everybody,

    I would be grateful if anyone could write me a code which would enable a person to record his/her voice after pressing the "Record" button. Now this is NOT FOR THE WEB but will be used on a computer. I am trying to create something and am working with Frontpage and IE 5.0. I could use the 1st SoundRecorder as recording programme. So if someone could show me how the code would look like, it would be great. Hier is all that I have at the moment:
    <input type=button name=button value="Record" onclick="">
    I suppose I would have to have a javascript in the head too?
    After the recording is over the person can hear themselves on pressing the "Play" button which is just beside the "Record" button.
    <input type=button name=button value="Play" onclick="">
    which means it should play the voice just recorded.

    To be frank I have also some embeded data on this page and my javascript is very simple:
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">

    function playIt(nummer) {

    function stopIt(nummer) {
    I hope I have given all the information required and would be pleased to get some good tips.
    Thanks a lot and best wishes to all.

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    Not for the web? Eh? Ya lost me.
    Anyway, better try the experts for this one...and try to describe it much better than you have.
    Zoobie or not Zoobie...That is the problem.
    <body onUnload="flush( ! )">